Whether you have stacks of t shirts, jeans or sneakers this information will help you make more responsible choices for your closet. Let's examine where cotton comes from.
Cotton is one of the oldest grown crops dating back to 3000 BC. It is a sustainable material because it is grown and can be regrown. We do not deplete it by picking cotton.  However, not all cotton (and products made from it) is created equal.  Here are a few facts about cotton and some ideas on what to do with those T's once you no longer wear them.

Recognize the difference There is an effort to grow organic cotton that does not use genetically modified organisms (GMO) seeds and is less resource intensive. Organic cotton requires only 20% of our water system and instead relies on rainwater to grow it.  Once it's grown from seed to harvested cotton it changes again into a fiber, then yarn, to fabric that is dyed and finished, and finally cut and sewn into your t shirt.  Unfortunately most of the worlds cotton is grown unsustainably.

Make the Transition There are many retailers choosing to use organic cotton.  Look for certified organic cotton at Nike, H&M, Eileen Fisher among a few.  Just check out the label before you buy and make sure it says "certified organic cotton".   

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