When it comes to sustainable fashion, the ways in which you take care of your clothes are just as important as the clothes you buy. A green wardrobe requires you to treat both the earth and your garments with respect. Your laundry routine is the perfect place to start.

1. Turn Down the Heat

Many of us take the idea of washing light loads in hot water for granted. But did you know that almost 90% of the energy used by the average washing machine goes towards heating water? By sticking with cold cycles, you save the same amount of energy per load as driving approximately nine miles in a car. Considering the fact that the average United States resident produces over one hundred loads of laundry every year, that’s pretty significant. 

Think hot cycles are the only way to lift out stains from light clothing? As an alternative, try soaking the garment in lukewarm water before putting it in the machine.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Detergents

Conventional detergents are filled with ingredients that are harmful for you, your clothes and the environment. Every time we do a load of laundry, chemicals such as phosphates are flushed in the water system. Here, they can cause abnormal algae growth that kills marine life and negatively affect ecosystems.

Luckily, eco-friendly laundry detergents are becoming more and more popular. We like keeping it simple with this three-ingredient detergent from Simply Co. All it is is baking soda, washing soda and organic vegan castile soap. Not only is it completely harmless – it also gets the job done!

3. Do Less

It’s pretty straight forward. Just wear your jeans a couple times before throwing them into the wash. Neatly hang up sweaters you’ve only worn once. Just don’t use this trick for under garments….

4. Think of Alternatives to Ironing. 

Heating up an iron takes quite a bit of energy, but this old-fashioned method isn’t the only way get wrinkle-free clothes. Hanging garments up immediately after they get out of the dryer is a great way to eliminate wrinkles with little effort. Or invest in a steamer. 

Steamers provide an energy-efficient alternative to ironing that effortlessly removes wrinkles and freshens up garments. A long-time secret within the retail industry, steamers are now available to consumers at affordable prices and in compact sizes. 

5. Know Your Machines

The machine you’re using can make a big difference. Older models of top-loading machines can use twice as much energy as newer front-loading machines. Not quite ready for an update at home? Consider checking out your local laundromat. Professional machines tend to be much more energy efficient than residential machines. 

6. Get Some Balls

For your dryer, that is. Fabric softeners are often replete with harmful chemicals, but they’re not the only way to get the softest-clothes-ever. Loohoo wool dryer balls are a reusable, all-natural way to give your clothes a soft-to-the-touch feel.

Bonus? While in the machine, Loohoo wool dryer balls push clothing away from each other, which speeds up drying time. A great way to use even less energy!

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