Imagine giving gifts that were beautiful, useful, and eco-friendly.


As the holiday season approaches, you’re not alone if you feel that holiday gift guides don’t quite deliver. One Savvy Mother is helping to put an end to time spent in stressful, crowded stores with tacky and underwhelming displays.


If, like me, you can do without suggestions to buy over-priced, low-quality goods made in dubious conditions, this is the right place for a new approach.


One Savvy Mother will help you find products that you can give proudly. These gifts are made lovingly, in good working conditions, with fair wages. We source ethically-made products that avoid harm to the environment.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a product that is hand-crafted, supports local artisans, and uses sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and wool. Here at One Savvy Mother, we’ve developed a ranking system to help you navigate through our designers.


There are 5 categories by which each company is graded:


  1. Handmade Production
  2. Organic or Sustainable Material
  3. Recycled/Reused Material 
  4. Responsible Production 
  5. and Trade not Aid. 


A score of 1 means the company has met one of the criteria, a score of 2 is meeting two criteria, and so on. You can read more about our sourcing policy here.


We’ve placed symbols next to each product under “environmental rank” so that you can quickly and easily read about the company’s commitment to ethical fashion.


Take a look at our holiday gift guides and you’ll find products for every budget, from the Emilime fingerless gloves made in Peru to Kate Mawson gloves made from locally sourced lambswool in the UK to the Luscious warm and snuggly snood (not a scarf not an infinity but hangs around neck and shoulders. Our fall/winter collection will not only keep you warm and stylish but you’ll also have the delicious knowledge that your purchase makes a positive difference in the world.



If you’re looking for something less practical and more for fun, take a look at the artisans in our jewelry category. Pelcor makes a contemporary cork clutch  that is colorful and practical. Made from cork and colored in bright non toxic dye the color is just what a monochromatic outfit needs to make a statement.


Pair the bracelet with a silver adjustable ring for a timeless and classic style. The ring can be adjusted from size 6 to size 9, so it’s perfect to buy for someone if you don’t know their ring size.


For someone a little bolder in their jewelry choice, ZSISKA is the brand to check out. The Bolas Necklace will make a grand statement alongside a solid colored shirt or dress. Made in Thailand, the collections from ZSISKA are constructed from resin in bright and vibrant colors.


No matter who you’re buying for this season, there is sure to be something for everyone on your list at One Savvy Mother. Rest in the knowledge that the products you purchase here are supporting sustainable and eco-friendly businesses.

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