Our favorite alternative to leather is cork handbags. With nature-inspired details and functional designs, these pieces were made with sustainable methods and materials that you can truly feel good about.


The Material: Cork


The high-quality cork fabric is made from the shavings of Cork Oak trees.  Cork can be harvested every nine years without harming the trees. This makes cork a renewable, biodegradable and altogether sustainable material. What’s more, cork oak trees grow naturally without the use of any pesticides, watering or pruning.  By buying cork you are supporting the continued value of these old growth forests.


The shavings are then made into a fabric by compressing a thick slice of cork with a natural fabric like cotton. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, it’s extremely durable, waterproof, stain resistant and easy to clean. Portugal is the number one producer of cork, as Cork Oak trees are native to the region.


The Production: Artisanal and Innovative


One Savvy Mother believes its brands should go the extra mile for the sake of the environment. That’s why the sourcing of cork is not the only material that makes the products sustainable.  Other materials used are organic cotton, kelp-based “leather alternative” and leather.  There is also an emphasis on facilities where all employees are treated fairly.


Not only are the workers paid a fair wage but with attention to detail and expertise of the artisans that we work with most of the production is handmade.  Using methods that ensure that craftsmanship is learned and repeated we are dedicating the future to sustainable methods.



Functionality Inspired by Nature

What drives inspiration?  Given that cork is the basis of the products, brands get inspired by nature and the fields of cork trees seen throughout the Mediterranean countries. Nothing short of the beauty of Mother Nature can be seen in all the designs.  But don’t expect perfection; natural flaws are what make cork so beautiful.


Another design goal? Creating products that are truly useful. And then adding a dose of style. Handbags are lightweight, full of pockets, and the natural look of cork is so stylish.  


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