Stand-alone accessories are the key to a polished and professional wardrobe. Even more important is to invest in quality pieces that support ethical fashion brands. One Savvy Mother can guide you through this process of supporting and buying from the best international and ethical brands available, all in one place.


We’ve developed a ranking system so you can see exactly how each brand is eco-friendly. “Handmade Production,” “Organic or Sustainable Material,” “Recycled/ Reused Material,” “Responsible Production,” and “Trade not Aid” show each company’s ethical commitment with rankings from 1-5. Read more information about our sourcing practices here.


With this in mind, here are three of our handpicked brands to know for their quality and stylish attributes; a perfect update to any tired closet.


Lancaster Paris

Lancaster Paris handbags, wallets, and bags are a luxury brand leading the French leather goods market. The highest quality Saffiano grain finish is used for all their products which are handmade. Whether you’re in the market for the famous bucket bag or would rather upgrade to an envelope wallet, Lancaster Paris provides a classic look and smooth finish for the professional woman.


Létol Scarves

Another quality designer based in the South of France, Létol Scarves produce beautifully made Jacquard scarves washed with the traditional Savon de Marseille soap for softness and finish. Made from a soft, organic cotton, the size is large enough to wrap around the waist, neck, or use as a turban. The possibilities are endless.


Each year just two designs are introduced, so you can be guaranteed to have a unique piece that is only available for a limited time. Coming into winter, we have a lovely Floral Létol Organic Cotton Scarf available as part of our holiday gift guide that is sure to please any recipient.



Rounding out the 3 brands to know on One Savvy Mother, ZSISKA is the brainchild of Dutch jewelry designer Siska Shippers. In 1992, she founded the company while studying in Thailand and hired 14 women to work for her.

Currently, the company has 100 employees, many of them family members connected to the original women who still work there. The brand is known for its statement pieces made from resin. The colors are vivid and eye-catching, like the stunning blue Grace Collection drop earrings and pendant.



Support eco-friendly and ethical businesses to update and refresh your look, or to find a gift for a loved one this holiday season. Own Your Style & Love the Earth with One Savvy Mother.



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