So you want to get rid of some of your clothes but you're unsure how? Or when? Maybe it's old and outdated or you're just not wearing it anymore. But maybe you should hang onto it, just in case?

How do you know its time to get move on? 

Is your clothing have full of stains or carry a musty smell?  Okay, so these seem obvious, but for some extreme clothes hoarders, getting rid of clothes is very emotional. However, in the case of clothes moths or mold, dye, or ink stains, you need to accept that your clothing is beyond recovering.

You No Longer Love It

This is the best reason to get rid of clothes and shoes. Closets are typically small spaces in our homes so maximizing space is key. If you don’t love something, there’s really no reason to give up space to it in your closet.

Once you’ve whittled down the group of clothes you will be passing along next decide what to do with them.

Hand Them Down

Consider holding a neighborhood or friends get together where everyone gets to swap. Recipients of second life clothes are usually super excited and grateful to be given such an amazing gift. It saves lots of money and gives longevity to a valuable resource.

A couple tips for hand-me-downs:

  1. Save only the clothes that are in great condition.Check out each piece and figure out if it’s worth saving. Is it stained beyond repair? Does it have holes in it? If so, then put them in a separate pile to recycle (which we’ll cover next).
  2. Wash everything you decide to keep.You want to make sure any odor or stains don’t attract bugs or other creepy crawlies while they’re being stored.
  3. Stay organized with your storage. Whether you choose plastic bins, or the oversize ziplock bags that you can suck the air out of, keep like items and same sizes together and then label them.


It can be tempting to just throw clothes away that no longer have a usable life. But experts estimate that the average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing per year, most of which end up in landfills. So what can be done with all those clothes? Recycle them!

There are many for profit and non-profit clothes recycling companies in existence. One of the easiest options is to simply stop by your local H&M clothing store (usually found in malls) and drop off your used, any condition, any style or brand clothing to their “No Garment Goes to Waste Collection.”  Those items will find new life as cleaning cloths, insulation or textile fibers.

Donate Them

It can be downright exhausting to manage all the clothing that our littles outgrow so quickly, and if you don’t have the time, or desire to sort, wash and store all of them, donating is another great option with several different avenues you can explore.

Freecycle: Similar to recycling, freecycling involves finding people who would really love what you have to give away. The website matches people in your area with free stuff. A great option when you have baby clothes that you’d like to pass on to others for free and don’t mind a little bit of work to connect to others who would directly benefit from your items.

Local Thrift Store: If you’re into donating clothes, your local thrift stores are also a great option. Most of them have easy drop off locations where you can leave your items and even get a tax write-off in return, if you so desire.


Sell Them

We all have our favorite outfits that are just plain hard to give away or donate. It’s nice to make money on all those clothes that are maybe not that great for you but is for others. If this is your predicament, and you don’t mind a little extra work to make back your hard-earned money, then selling them is right down your alley and you have a few options.


Stores like thredup are resale stores which means you bring in all your stuff (washed) and they pick out the items they’d like to buy from you. The nice part about resale is that they give you cash on the spot. The downside is that they can be quite picky about what they’ll accept. To find a resale shop near you, simply Google “ resale store.”

Consignment: This idea is similar to resale, except the store doesn’t pay you until they sell the item. There are consignment stores all over the place in brick and mortar locations as well as online consignment stores like Poshmark. It pays to have your items in pristine condition as well as keep track of when they expire at the store so you can go and pick them up. It takes a bit of extra work, but it could pay off!


Most importantly, strive to not throw anything in the trash.  And when it is time to replace something, buy the highest quality you can afford and be sure to love it for a long time. 



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