Welcome!  In this project, SlowFashionMom (see Youtube series link below) and OneSavvyMother are teaming up to bring you an introspection of our closet.  We’re dissecting & bisecting our closets – with the intent of learning and teaching about how we can all be more ecofriendly with our apparel, shoes & accessories.  For four weeks we'll look at how many times we've worn the clothes, how long we've owned them and what materials the apparel is.  We hope our lessons will inspire you to also look at your closet differently.  Please let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Part One: I chose my December 31, 2016 outfit for week 1.  

The day before New Year’s Eve, my daughter and I went for a stroll on Newbury Street in Boston. I wanted to find something special to wear for New Years’ Eve, and I wasn’t alone. All I saw were sales at Zara. Lined up 30-deep, ladies were queuing up to buy new “Going Out” outfits. Who wouldn’t be tempted? You’re getting ready to hit the scene, there are new trends, and the stores were all running special promotions! Even I was tempted to grab a $30 top that would be “festive” for the party I was going to. I went into a few independent retail stores but didn’t find anything that was right.  Neither did anyone else. Everyone was at Zara.  Follow the herd, Americans….or not!

Along the way, my daughter picked out something for me. The flashy, deep V neck long sleeve flowy thing begged for me to pick it out and wrap it up. I resisted!  Instead I examined it closely (I found loose seams), looked at the pattern (boring) and examined the fabric (polyester), and decided against it. 

We looked in a high-end consignment shop, too, but didn’t find anything particularly awe-inspiring there either. Plus, I felt ignored by the sales team, who were obviously not interested in helping me shop. I am one of those rare birds that rely on salespeople’s knowledge.


- I went shopping in my closet. I pulled out a dress that my mother gave me 4 years ago. I had not worn since last spring, and I’ve only worn it about 5 other times. My mother however wore it allot before passing it along. Because I don’t wear it often, it feels like a special occasion outfit. I try to wear each piece of clothing at least 30 times, but this feels like a good exception to make.I still wanted to wear something special to ring in the New Year! So here’s what I did:

- I showed off my shoulders: The dress has open shoulders -- better to show off my 3 month old commitment to BarMethod classes!  And I’ve seen that open shoulders are “in” right now, too. I got to showcase a new asset, AND be on-trend. 

- I made a colorful exception: I hate wearing black clothes, but almost everything my fashionista mama hands down is black. If my mom gave it to me, I know it will be good quality, contemporary, and beautiful – even if it’s not something I would have picked for myself.

- Cotton blend: The dress label is New York 77 and material: is 95% Viscose*, 5% Elastic. Because Viscose is a more processed material than cotton, it is even more important to keep it in circulation. Another names for Viscose is Rayon.  

- I updated the look: I wore leggings (Label: Isda & Co., Material 60% Viscose, 23% Nylon, 12% Polyester, 5% Elastic) and a trendy pair of impractical leather boots (also a gift from my mother- thanks mom!). Quite possibly I've worn the leggings over 30 times. I've had them 3 years and only own 2 pairs of leggings.  I rely on them all fall/winter & early spring).  I've had these boots for 2 years and haven't found many places to wear them.  I feel guilty sitting in my closet so any chance I'm not walking a long distance I try to wear them. (No Sex In the City for me walking blocks on 3 inch heels).  They'll go out of style before my #30wears and I've told my mother not to ever buy me anything impractical again. 


- I bedazzled the ensemble: For the first time in almost a year, I didn’t wear One Savvy Mother jewelry! Instead, I wore a long strand of pearly glass beads that are about as sparkly as I can get. I've also owned them close to 10 years and before that they were...you guessed it - my mama's!  I paired it with my long tin can earrings I won in an Instagram contest this summer (thank you @teresamooremoore). Of course I grabbed my Lancaster clutch in white to add some contrast and enhanced the contemporary look I had going. Plus it was useful in holding phone, license and lipstick – all I needed for a fun night out! 



That’s Week 1. I'll see you for another three Tuesdays and a wrap up.  Be sure and watch @slowfashionmom on youtube and follow us on Instagram @onesavvymother and @slowfashionmom.  

*Viscose Rayon is similar to cotton but takes 11 more steps to turn it into a fiber.  If you want to learn more I rely on http://www.barnhardtcotton.net/blog/know-fibers-cotton-vs-viscose-rayon/ for my information. 

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Rachel 11 Jan 21:16

Great post, and fabulous outfit! I loved your breakdown of each piece, and how you shopped your closet instead of buying new. And I have to say, you are lucky to get those awesome hand me downs from your stylish mother!

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