What exactly is “ecofashion?” It once conjured up images of women in loose and flowing clothes made of hemp, or hippies frolicking in the forest.

But I didn't associate with that viewpoint. To me the terminology conjured a network of global fashion accessories that were designed by women throughout the world.  Time for a chic era takeover and open up a far fuller array of looks beyond hippie.   A look - any look - call it what you'd like should always be from products that fit into a demand for categories of sustainability.  We must all demand for ecofashion that is both sophisticated and edgy that delivers against fast fashion to a more responsible stylish-conscious looks should be.

 And, fortunately, we’re not the only ones who think this way.

reuses bone and horn from the bi-product of the global food waste industry  

The idea of consciously supporting ethical companies has grown rapidly in the past 20 years, fueled by the internet. As a company, we ask for - and receive assurances that sustainability and design character traits be a part of a business’s ethos.

To satisfy the market OSM provides assurances to consumers that they are spending money wisely and carefully.  Our goals are for operating with reduction on the impact our fashion has on the Earth including packaging and plastic and advocating for a strong network of women owned fair & equitable trading among the world.     

this is a selfie of me in 2016 wearing that dress for 30 days and showing off the array of fashion accessories available to adorn and enrich. 

Ecofashion is buying a look born of the dual principles of design and sustainable -ethical businesses.  One Savvy Mother delivers to you the ability to express through dress how meaningful to you, to the recipients, to the producers, we are to the planet.

And I'm glad you're here.  xxoo       Lara 

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