Everyone knows at least one person that just somehow always looks elegant and polished no matter what their circumstances. How can those of us who try so hard and miss the mark improve our look?

Here are seven effortless outfit ideas to inspire you to move out of those stretchy pants.


  1. A Good Fit Goes a Long Way

This first one may seem a bit obvious, but many women might need a little reminder. Ofcourse you aren't one of those types but here goes anyway.  The fit is everything in creating a polished look. Seams that are too tight are uncomfortable and could be embarrassing.  


Loose can sometimes work, but try mixing something loose and flowing with a fitted opposite. Tunic top with leggings, or fitted tank top with flowing linen pants, for example.


Note the difference between fitted and tight.


  1. Develop a Capsule Wardrobe

This tip may seem counterintuitive.

“Don’t I need more to look better?”

No. A capsule wardrobe can create a streamlined, complementary wardrobe with key pieces and a few stand-out accessories. Your awareness of your wardrobe and how you dress will change for the better. Here is an older blog post that can serve as a resource on how to get started.


  1. Less is More

    This is a general rule of thumb for many things, including fashion. Understated goes a long way when you want a polished appearance.

Choose a statement necklace with a plain shirt and flattering jeans. Or style your hair simply with a splashy printed dress and plain shoes.
Whatever you do, keep it simple.


  1. The 2/3 Rule

Make two out of three items in your look polished.

Wear a casual outfit with sleek, polished hair, and makeup. Or wear minimal makeup with a dress and heels. This rule will help your look seem effortless because one part will be comparatively uncomplicated.


  1. Quality Denim

A great way to achieve a polished look without it looking like it was hard work, is to wear a quality, dark denim jean with a crisp white shirt. Lighter jeans are more casual. For effortless chic, dark wash is best.

This look is made harder these days because finding quality denim is usually not made ethically or made with organic cotton.  The best thing to do is always search for denim in consignment stores.  It's the most ethical thing to do.  

  1. Adding Layers can add Sophistication

Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable, especially in transitional periods between seasons. Layers can help during these weather changes. Even better, it doesn’t hurt to have a cute jacket to add to an outfit! Adding a jacket can elevate a more casual look fast.


  1. Be Yourself

Just because something is a trend does not mean it is right for you. Choose pieces that you love and express your personality in some way.   I have 3 such pieces: (1) glass beaded cuff bracelet (2)diamond pin of my grandmothers (3)marc jacobs shoes. (more about those in a later blog).

Which are your favorites?

Feeling confident in your choices will help you achieve that sense of effortlessness.



These are just a few ideas to step up your look without breaking the bank, changing too much, or spending hours in preparation. Invest in a few bold accessories and items you love. Bring them out when you need the rest to fall into place.




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