Well, we aren't actually advocating you drop Pinterest but we got your attention didn't we? This month's blog is about pairing your style with the right accessories.  We've all bought something on a whim only to find that it goes with nothing in our closets.  Here are 8 styles and how to get the best look from your accessories.  

1. Casual

    You're confident in simple tops & basic slacks.  This is your style for work and play and you stick with low patterns, light hues & basic cuts.  



    Pair this style with a cuff bracelet and a trendy purse of coordinating colors.

    2. Exotic

    You dress with exotic flair and you're leading the pack. The look is bold, mysterious & eye catching.


    Choose accessories that have tribal or animal looks.  It will give the look without all the fuss.


    3. Preppy

    If your closet  holds girly blouses, A-line skirts & cable sweaters you fall into the preppy style.  You don't have to dress like a school girl though.


     This style doesn't have to be plain.  Choose pops of color & classic designs.


    4. Bohemian (Boho)

    This style is created with intricate patterns & exotic textures. 


     Choose accessories with fringe that can compete with the patterns or wear neutral that won't compete.


    5. Cowgirl 

    Good news!  This style is trending for fall.  So pull out your jeans & tees and pair it with a plaid shirt.  Boots are optional


    Don't forget the hat! 


    6. Girl Next Door

    This look pairs classic design without the rush to be trendy.  You don't go wild or exotic and the focus is on simplicity, stripes & tennis shoes.  

    girl next door

     Choose your accessories from classic designs but added flair for a little eye turning attention. 


    7. Professional

    The polished and sophisticated look is a mainstay.   You're an overachiever and your closet is no exception.  


    Pair your smart and snazzy blazers and pencil skirts with handbags as polished as you are. 

    8. Tomboy

    This simple and modern look is not like shopping in the boys section but you won't find any lace or frills around.  You're more likely to be wearing a graphic tee, straight leg loose fitting slacks and a pair of flats.  Now that's how you do it girl-style.


    Add a polished look with a belt.  

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