Earth day is April 22. Coincidentally it also is the start of Fashion Revolution Week too. We believe they are intricately linked and here's why,  Up your knowledge with this quick read. 


Earth day started in the 1970’s as a way to focus on Mother Earth and all the glory that abounds on our planet.  Fashion Revolution Week began to bring attention to the atrocity of an industrial fire that killed many women working in the garment industry. All in all its making for a busy week. I hope we all can spend a moment thinking of ways that we can honor the Earth on April 22.  I hope we can find a way to honor the Earth everyday too but I’ll take it one step at a time as they say.

Ways to celebrate Earth day:  The idea is to honor and cherish the resources of Mother Earth.  In 1970 it was a call to everyone to celebrate the Earth and understand her limits today with climate change wreaking havoc on our daily lives much more needs to be done.  As fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet (only oil and gas is considered “dirtier”) one way to make a statement is in your clothing. As we all have to wear clothes you may think its too difficult to make a difference but we are here to say you can.   Simple changes do make a big difference.

Fashion Revolution Week is much newer endeavor  but it is a movement calling for transparency and ethical awareness of the fashion industry. Thereby having a hand in the whole Earth Day Awareness credo too.  Over the past years it has turned into a global effort to bring attention to sustainable practices throughout the world and bear pressure on the industry to adjust.  There are week long series of events that occur throughout the world that crescendos to a global project of profound effect “Who Made my clothes”. To learn more (

As I’m elbow up to spring cleaning using lemon and vinegar and elbow grease instead of cleaner 409,  I am also taking time to see Mother Earth coming alive again.
I hope as part of the One Savvy Mother family you’ll read this and decide to take action of your own.  

Remember “ Own your style. Love the Earth.


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