Today, most popular clothing companies in the U.S. actually are outsourcing the labor that makes the item. In countries like China, Bangladesh and Indonesia, labor laws are lax and workers have less options to fair and competitive wages. But this “cheap labor” comes at a cost: many employees work in deplorable conditions for criminally low wages, not to mention the environmental concerns are put on the back burner.  (Read more on Fast Fashion)


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reading “Made in the U.S.A.” are beginning to make a comeback.  Making it a habit to check the labels is a good practice to begin. But what do those words really mean? They speak to a manufacturing tradition founded on quality and fair working conditions. That is why One Savvy Mother is proud to showcase the artists that call “Made in the U.S.A.”. From jewelry crafted by American artisans to an eco-friendly fashion designer in Los Angeles, we’re excited to carry a variety of U.S.-made products at One Savvy Mother.  Just in time for our Independence Day Celebrations.

Here are our favorite 4 Designers

B/C Designs

 Barbara Colasuonno, the talent behind this New York -based jewelry company, is dedicated to designing pieces that are simple yet special. Barbara’s pieces are made to showcase the beauty of natural properties.  In addition, the very materials that are used for the pieces are carefully chosen for its place in sustainability and supply chain. Comfortable pieces that can be worn everyday are mingled with striking pieces such as this gorgeous ONDE ring and earrings combination.  Barbara and her team handcraft designs in small batches, adding touches that make every piece unique.

Natalie Therese

 We’re crazy about cork — and so is American designer Natalie Therese. Made from cork fabric, eco-friendly faux leather and organic cotton, her bags are as stylish as they are functional. As a lifelong seamstress, Natalie handcrafts each piece in Massachusetts and as she innovates developing print making on the cork which mirrors nature and is also non toxic.  Additionally the faux leather for her collection that is made from degradable polyurethane and contains pigments and chemicals that comply with EPA standards.

Maggie Stern Stitches

 Maggie Stern Stitches is busy creating inspiration and smart political statements you wear on your feet. As our newest addition to the U.S. based designers, MSS is meticulously machine-embroidered, reproducing original stitchery designs. Maggie has carefully chosen her suppliers and ensures that fair wages are paid. She developed her love of art growing up in New York City. Looking for extraordinary in the ordinary Maggie is translating political fervor and capturing a love of the ordinary.  Rock your socks with strong women. 

M x a.c.

M x a.c. Is a unisex footwear and accessory company based in the greater Los Angeles area. One Savvy Mother carries one product from their line – a cell phone carrier.  This cross body bag is lined with an upcycled cloth that was originally sourced for the U.S. Army to be used as tents.  The “extra” material was added to this versatile carrier instead of being thrown away. 


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