One Savvy Mother is incredibly proud to share that we are a certified B Corp™ business! Our company is founded on an ethical commitment to empower consumers, who are taking control of their wardrobes and making equitable, sustainable, and stylish choices.


Our staying power as a company is based on how well we do that. B Corp™ certification validates our efforts, and sets a high standard for us to meet (and exceed).


Here’s how and why we decided to pursue B Corp™ certification.


What is B Corp™?

Think of it as a mark of excellence for companies focused on fair trade. B Corp™ only certifies businesses with strong social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. These are companies that are leaders in fair trade, doing good things and cultivating change for workers, consumers, communities, and of course, the environment.


All of the B Corp™ standards are measurable, transparent, verified and comprehensive. There are over 2000 certified B Corp™ businesses in the world, putting us in great company.


One of the biggest differences between a B Corp™ business and non-certified companies is that we are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on stakeholders, like workers, suppliers, and the environment itself.


When we make our decisions about vendors and merchandise, it isn’t just about what looks good or sounds good. It's about what is genuinely beneficial to everyone.




Our Certification Journey

Long story short, from the very beginning, we knew that being a B Corp™ was an important target. A B Corp™ business must have authentic processes, a strong network of like-minded companies, and endless capacity for growth. That’s exactly who we are, and who we want to continue to be.


It took us over a year to complete the certification process, during which we built and deepened relationships with vendors and customers. The certification process provided us with reporting guidelines and a framework to help inform our business goals, which was helpful in ensuring we built positive practices for certification into our operations.


As an online business, we chose a bank as a community partner and found designers who exemplified our sustainable fashion goals.


We’re proud to be a B Corp™ business and look forward to continuing our work as a force for good and positive change.


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