Most fashion magazines post articles at one time or another about how to shop strategically.

If you think about it, it makes sense as part of an overall lifestyle strategy. Most people today are trying to live more eco-friendly and health-conscious lives. We work out, we update our homes with environmentally friendly products, and we’re eating more non-GMO and organic foods. It makes sense that if we’re making more conscientious shopping decisions about what we put in our bodies, we want to do the same for what we put on our bodies, too.

In terms of your clothing, you’re shopping strategically if you're seeking items that have real value, that have a place in your future as well as your present, and are necessary for a flexible wardrobe.  Realistically, you can probably justify most items you want to buy if they fit into these three categories. The purchases that are more questionable is are those impulse buys, the sale items that seem good at the time, but later remind us that how much something costs is not an indication of its true value.

            Strategy #1 Does it has value?


Many consumers today are looking for earth-friendly and sustainable products. One Savvy Mother’s clothing and accessories are eco-chic, and ranked for sustainability, organic materials, and fair & ethical treatment of animals and humans.


We ensure that all our merchandise has great value. They will fit the lifestyle of modern, savvy shoppers, and they are produced in a fair and environmentally-friendly fashion.



Strategy #2 Will you need this in the future?


As a savvy woman, you want to make a lasting statement with carefully crafted, high-quality accessories. You also want your purchases to be usable for years to come. The eco-chic woman creates as little waste as she can. Focus less on trend shopping, and instead focus on looking for sustainable, eco-friendly attire and accessories.



Strategy #3 Invest in quality items that complement your existing wardrobe


An investment piece is different for everyone depending on your lifestyle.  It could be a unique piece of jewelry or a great bag. It could be a pair of jeans that you wear all the time, but it could even be that little black dress that you only wear once a year. When you buy quality clothing that matches your style, you'll find that your look is timeless and you won't need to replace items so often.

You can help others switch on to the benefits of ethically-sourced, quality clothing and accessories. While you’re shopping for chic and unique, handcrafted accessories, remember that they also make great gifts, for friends and family. A gift from One Savvy Mother is also a gift to the planet.

At the core of the lifestyle of the savvy woman is creating maximum impact, while leaving minimal impact on the earth. With our choices, we change the world.


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