A project I worked on with Rachel @Slowfashionmom.  You can follow all 4 parts of my blog part 1  part 2: part 3 part 4   and see Rachel’s You tube here


This project was a lot of fun to do.  The point was to dissect outfits that I wear.  Who made the apparel?  How long have I owned them? Is it a good outfit?  It's not that my closet is anything great mind you. What if it was like Barbie’s dream house closet?  Now that’s a closet!  But mine, well, just an ordinary closet unfortunately. 

But that’s the point right?  To show, to encourage, to teach how your closet can be more “green”.  Right now, the apparel & fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry on Earth.  Yes. Right up there with polluting oil and gas industry.  The only way to change that is through the choices you and I make about how we dress & adorn. 

So what are my takeaways? 

  • Quality over Quantity - When buying clothing, accessories & shoes buy the highest quality you can afford.
  • Shop in your closet – Strive to wear what you already have at least 30 wears.
  • Ask for better standards – Talk to your favorite store and let them know you care about how your clothes are made and from what material they are from. i.e. Ask for organic and no sweat shops.
  • Buy less – If you shop less, you’ll have more money to buy quality (see #1) but don’t feel guilty when you do shop just buy “right”. i.e. Shop OneSavvyMother.com because you know the products are made right and stylish.   

  • Support Eco fashion – Put your money where your mouth is and move away from luxury designers until they change their dirty ways. Support the young industry of Eco fashion designers & retailers instead.
  • Buy Consignment – Go thrifting for jeans, jackets & shoes. You can buy great items for a fraction of the cost of new and you'll be supporting #30wears.

Leave us a comment about how you'll make a difference and opt in with your email address so we can stay in touch.  We’ll give you $25 towards a purchase at One Savvy Mother. 

Thanks for reading #greenyourcloset and shopping onesavvymother.com. 

Be sure and check out @slowfashionmom on Youtube or catch the first four blogs in this series:


Christelle Lachapelle
Christelle Lachapelle 09 Feb 13:45

Great series! I’m off to share it!

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