I think we’ve finally caught on. These trends are about reusing & resurrecting your old items from the back of the closet. 

Here are 3 trends you probably have in your closet already: 

  1. Reconstructed Denim: We love this one. The biggest news coming up in jeans is cutting up your old jeans.  Well, sort of. But we like that idea! Designers are reinventing denim- up by cutting and sewing different pairs of jeans together to create a unique, artsy vibe. I think we’ll try this at home.
  2. Androgynous '90s Style:  Pull your '90s fashion from the back of the closet.  The 90’s decade trend of logo sweats are being resurrected. So pull it from the wardrobe and wear it with pride that yours will be original....and  remember those shearling jackets last seen on the TV show “Wings”? Well they’re back and anything goes so pull it out from storage and forgo spending the money for the new one.
  3. Shades of TanThe trend continues so don’t push past your tan colored sweaters and jackets because they seem boring. Dress them up with a bright scarf instead.  Using color in a pant or scarf will breathe life into this beautiful color in all its hues! 

So, go ahead and add that differentiated style through color or shape of your bag. One Savvy Mother has the latest in upcycled bags, totes of bright colors, jewelry, scarves and socks to keep you looking stylish without the new wardrobe. 

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