This has been my last week and I am happy to say that I'm happy its over. (9/25 officially) The project left me wearied from wearing the same dress over and over.  One especially difficult dress I may add.  I was able to show it off with some cool scarves though so check out these last photos.  Overall here are my top lessons in this project:








    1. You don't need so many clothes  
    2. that most people don't even notice you
    3. being stylish is definitely something I strive to show to be.
    4. Accessories made all the difference






    Moving into the final week of this #weartheolddress journey I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up this essential point.  As my good friend pointed out we all have our own uniform that is our go-to look. But, no matter what your look is, accessories enhance and can even be responsible for changing that look. (case in point see below)

    Is your style business casual with pants and blouse or classic & corporate?  Do you reach for those jeans & t-shirts or like me switch is up and strive to look current even if the skirt is 10 years old?  Whichever it is look no further. Well, you actually have to click through to see how I’ve put together options for you.  To see three different looks and select accessories click here.

    These 20 + days have been challenging but I’ve met lots of nice people who have shared their own stories with me about what they are doing to lower their fashion impacts.  Those endearing messages are what keeping me going.  Thank you! 





    A while ago OSM wrote a blog on “capsule” wardrobe.  A capsule is a version of shopping where you buy 4-6 pieces of similar style clothing and that is all you wear in different combinations.  If you are interested in seeing this blog click HERE.  I bring up a capsule because that is a bit of what I feel I've got with this project #weartheolddress. For instance the dress is the main piece of apparel.  A few extras, a blouse, a sweater, a pair of pants and skirt (if I could figure out how to make it work with the dress ( : ).  Since starting this project I’ve been amazed at what I have in my closet that actually (kind of) works with this dress.  I own a lot of orange!

    So, like a capsule wardrobe there are similarities.  Simple yet NOT. I have to figure out a new combination each day and some days it’s as stressful as if I had a closet full of clothes and a big interview.   Even with a zillion choices even the simple is hard to do.  Although a true capsule is made to all work together and is fairer to Mother Earth (less clothes, less impact)  I’m piecing together similar items already in my closet which seems not work as I envisioned at times. For instance, I'm going to a fundraiser in the city and then to Boston Fashion week event later this week.  How will I make this dress extra fun and not look like a sundress that I should have taken off before Labor Day!  This project ends on September 25, but who’s counting?

    In the end though, if it wasn’t for the accessories I don’t know what I’d do.  Like drops of dew in the morning, they are there to enhance and change up my capsule wardrobe like my favorite flower the morning glory. Pops of color and enhancement to a canvas.  Sometimes the canvas is blank and needs stronger pull from accessories.   Other times, it’s the clothing that you want to draw the eye towards so the accessories are demure.  Either way, when it’s time to enhance your own wardrobe, One Savvy Mother has a look for you.  Ushering in a new style of dress. One that complements Mother Earth as well as it does you.



    I bumped into an acquaintance and we began to chat.  I of course mentioned about the #weartheolddress project.  This women I was speaking to was originally from Russia.  She hasn’t been there for a long time but she mentioned to me that when she first moved to U.S. one of her first lessons was that American’s don’t wear the same dress over and over.  She quickly learned this lesson and now has a closet full of clothes!  It’s a matter of pride that we have so many clothes in our closet right?

    (photo taken on 9/6) Note:  I really am wearing the dress but unfortunately the jacket is covering it up as I was sitting at this table.  I didn’t realize it until after I came home and looked at the pictures.  I hope you can imagine it. 

    When my daughter and I walk into a store she is inevitably drawn to what I call “CCC” (cheap Chinese crap) and using this designation actually helps us to differentiate.  We are careful about choosing items. We ask ourselves, does it have a purpose in our lives?  How is it made? How long will it last?  I’m happy to say this type of questioning has begun to sink into her young brain too. Yay! 

    It then dawned on me that this project is not about me.  It’s about the collective “us” or “we”.  Our values as a nation is to consume more- more -more. This motivation is ingrained in us and it will be difficult to make a shift.  I say a shift because I’ve never advocated for “turn off the spigot”.  Instead, I’m all about moderation and owning the “right” stuff. 

    But back to the collective “we”.  How does this project affect you?  Do you see my dress as a symbol?  Is it a uniform?  Do you feel that I’m skimping so you don’t have too? 

    What about the outfits I make?  Does it inspire you to see yourself in more selective accessories that will update your own uniform?  I'll work on some more graphics but in the meantime here is Wednesday's outfit.


     ReWilder  Bedrock Tote here

     Zsiska Bolas Necklace here







    This experience is different than I thought it would be.  I never thought 30 days would be easy for surely nothing you do for 30 days outside of your routine is “easy” however, changes are happening to me. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet.  My creativity is piqued and my efforts are narrowly focused at this point.   Regularly now, I’m hearing “nice outfit” or “looking good”.  Yes, people are noticing.  I’m not alone in this. Knowing that is especially warm feeling. Because I started this to show others that we don't all need to buy buy buy more clothes.  Perhaps I'll change a few minds?

    I still can’t believe I picked such a difficult canvas. Did I do that on unconsciously? Still, there is a recurring theme.  A pattern perhaps?  Has anyone picked up on it?  It’s subtle.  In pairing the dress with my own wardrobe I’m noticing that I own a lot of orange.  That in itself is ironic because my favorite color runs in the blue tones.  Navy to be exact.  So why do I have so much?  My Lancaster bucket bag is orange (link), I have an orange jacket, orange jersey, orange sweater, orange belt, orange earrings (link).  All I can say is thank goodness I don’t have orange PANTS!  That probably would not be very flattering. My Zsiska necklace can be seen here

    So, on top of learning more about my own wardrobe there are lessons rattling around but just haven’t come to light yet.  I have 14 more days to keep digging.



    There's been some complaints that my photos aren't close up enough. Thank you for your honest feedback!  I love it and will try to mend my ways.  


    Day 9 feels more like day 14.  I started on a Tuesday.  Somehow I lost count and now I’m making it even harder on myself.  Boo. 

    Today is Labor Day and I used the day to rest at home and wash the dress. I had a busy weekend and we were also planning a bike ride to the botanical gardens. I could have worn the dress but my accessories that I would have worn with it seemed a bit dressy for a midafternoon bike ride. 

    As I started to write about the other day is that although this challenge is to garner attention for fashion accessories and how much they can transform an outfit I realize that there is a sense of satisfaction to wearing different clothes.  The cuts, colors, patterns all contribute to an armor that has the power to change our attitudes (I feel strong in this skirt) or change other people’s perceptions (she’s wearing Prada she must be someone) or even embarrass us (people laugh at me because I’m not in the latest fashions).   To me that gives clothing power.  I realize this more now that I’m in the same dress every day-  A dress I may add that I am growing to dislike more each day. 

    Each day I go into my closet and look at the clothes I usually wear.  I love my clothes.  I don’t have many, but the ones I wear frequently fit me well and make me feel good wearing them.  They aren’t trendy (some are 20 years old) but I can fondly recall when they were new and how much I loved them back then too.  I miss them and with the advent of fall I’ll have to put them away until next spring.  That makes me sad. (wearing Leather cuff bracelet by ZayaSanti Post Hoop Earrings by B/C Designs)

    On the other hand, I’ll have more options to put some warmer items (like Ozone and Able Made socks) to good use.  I am also excited to wear my jeans jacket again.   Stay tuned. 

    loo hoo dryer ballsloo hoo



    I miss my old clothes. The biggest problem I'm encountering thus far is that I love my old clothes and miss wearing them.  Boo Hoo.  But I've found a way to incorporate them in. This blouse was thrown over the dress and brings some design to the old dress.  I'm pleased and will use this blouse again soon. With the addition of the Rena Luxx necklace to add some glamour here I was running errands.


    I’m in the groove now.  I wake up, shower and pull my freshly laundered dress from the dryer.  Ordinarily I would let it drip dry but time is of the essence.  Wouldn’t want to take a wet dress and put it on for yet another day would I?  Temperature turning cooler today so I’ll wear it with a jacket (you’ll see pictures tomorrow).

    Yesterday I ran around and did errands and it was hot. I wore the dress with my Filz n Kunz belt.  I don’t carry the belt at OSM but I do have scarves and vest in silk and felted wool.  Cool stuff.  The belt is felted wool and brings attention to my already bulging belly but I’m standing like a model so it’s less accentuated.   See I’m learning things.  Alongside me is my bucket bag by Lancaster (in orange mais oui) #weartheolddress #filznkunz, belt, Lancaster bucket bagthat I’m seeing advertised in every high end store like Bergdorfs, Bloomies & Saks 5th Ave.  We sell ours for a fraction of the price.                                                                                                                                               If I started with a black dress instead I’d be able to hide the fact that it is the same dress more easily.  No, I chose the striped orange one.  Why?                                                                                                                      This is interactive-hour.  Please post your pictures on FB pictures of your old dress that you wear and wear and wear.  Show me the combination of accessories you use.  (wearing Bucket Bag by Lancaster )



    I’m on day 5 for #weartheolddress.  It’s boring but also a relief to know what you’re wearing for the day. Today, I’ve also put together a collection of 2 belts, a few tops and my jean jacket to wear with the dress as the weariness of it all gets too heavy. Also, as the weather turns cooler I’ll add some knee socks that I hope will keep me warm. 

    Today I wore my fresh water pearls, pearl stud earrings, a big wide belt and a top. The pearls are 10 years old.  The top was a hand me down from my mother! and the belt I picked up a few years ago.  In years this outfit is older than me!

    I wish I had some modelling training though.  It’s hard to position the body for maximum length, looks and design.  I’ve always had respect for models and photographers.  The camera is not often my friend.  Especially in this dress.




    I don’t know what possessed me choose this dress as the dress to wear for 30 days. This dress, an ordinary, preppy sundress came my way not too long ago.  A friend passed it on because it didn’t fit her anymore.  I tried to not take it.  It wasn’t my style.  There was nothing of any particular style to it. My friend left without the dress.  I wanted to ignore it. To give it away immediately.  Something made me try it on.  It didn’t look particularly good on me.  It wasn’t flattering. It accentuated an already rounded stomach.  I can’t explain what about this dress I wanted to keep in my life but I was drawn to this dress that was neither my style nor very flattering. 

    Yet I wanted a challenge because starting an ecommerce site wasn’t enough challenge for me I guess.  Mostly though, I wanted to experiment with how accessories can change the look of any dress. 

    The challenge is on!  Watch me as I catalog and slog through 30 days of the same dress. 

    wear the old dress

     wearing: Double stone Lariat by Rena Luxx, Florabella cloche



    Poncho / Shawl by Filz & Kunz

    Shibori Scarf by Filz & Kunz


    Lynda 11 Sep 10:27

    I’ve seen you 3 times during this process. And each time you look fresh, different and great! Interesting project!

    Deb 4 Sep 16:39

    I love the dress! I love your energy, creativity and style!

    Morana Smolcic
    Morana Smolcic 1 Sep 13:27

    The project is fantastic!!I like your dress, and you look great in it! It challenges to try too.?

    Bev O.
    Bev O. 1 Sep 12:36

    I’m not crazy about the dress, but I love the orange stripes. Keep up the challenge. Doing great so far!

    Lara 31 Aug 10:19

    I like the dress too! And the project is great, keep posting pictures!

    Rachel N.
    Rachel N. 31 Aug 10:14

    Actually… I like the dress. Great project!

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