Hi!  It’s been awhile since I’ve put out a new blog.  To be honest it’s been difficult to motivate myself to come up with new material.   I vacillate between “topics that sell” and real topics that I’m interested in…..Which do you prefer? Lately, I’ve been sitting at my desk and I begin to wonder…why am I doing this? At these times, often my pitbull Millie will wander over and place her head on my lap. She may grunt to get more of my attention- aka-my hand on her head…  Then, suddenly I remember! The Earth needs people to be more responsible with resources…and I get back to work.

I do wish that blogging gave me more insight into what my customer wants however.  It’s incredibly nerve racking placing a large order with my vendors for stock that I HOPE people will like and want to own.  Especially when it is often months before you’ll be ready to wear it. Besides for the apparent inconsistency of the message of  "tempering purchases of fashion" for the sake of resources, I have a drive to still look current and stylish.  Call me vain. I know that need to be seen and look up to date in dress. But I also know we can be responsible and adhere to fashion principles.  In that grain, I offer alternatives to shopping Amazon or random websites with single line of products. 

When I first began working on One Savvy Mother I thought that it would offer more flexibility to traditional brick and mortar retailing and have lower cost to entry.  I was right on both counts.  I can work at 5 AM or 10 PM and I’m always open! However, what I didn’t know back then was how lonely the internet is without a direct link to feedback.  I use google analytics but there is no comparison to a IP addresses that represent your computer to directly talking with your customers.

Not to say I’m just sitting here day after day feeling lonely.  There are moments of excitement (that first time I had an international sale) and stress filled days when you can least afford time away from what you are already working on but overall I’m satisfied.  Business builds slowly and I’m ok with that too.  I know that the internet is cluttered and there are a lot of shiny objects to chase.  On those days when I despair the most though, Millie saddles over with her ball and asks me to play with her.  For those times I’m grateful for her presence. An office should always have a dog to get you through the hard times.

Be sure and check out our new lines of dog collars & leashes, jewelry, belts, winter woolies, & assortment of purses and handbags.  And please let us know how you like them.  Feedback always wanted!



Suzan 19 Jan 16:59

Thank you for the blog. Very interesting plus I love your lines.

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