nticipate summer with gleeful impatience even those in areas with less than four seasons.  Especially those of us  that have been tormented by a long cold dark winter and an even longer, wetter spring.  A saving natural action is to at least  brings bursts of green sprouts and added colorful flora.  Still, it is hard when the temps hover in the 50's.  Patiently or impatiently we set ourselves by the door and wait.

Suddenly summer arrives and we get into our summer gear, eat alfresco and watch the sunset.  If you're lucky enough to live near a sea or lake shore then you jump into the waves with abandon, eager to bring warmth to the white pasty skin and slough it smooth with sand and surf.  Life is easy and easy- going.  Schedules are light and so are our clothing choices. 

Summer wanes slowly registering barely for the eye to see until its more then obvious.  We notice one day that the flowers are not as bright. That the ground is covered in leaves in bright hues that remind us of the burnt colors nature is so eager to release this time of the year.  We don a sweater and socks and go back to school. 

Then there is a pull from those summer ideas need to see pen to paper as we go into the second half of the year with big ideas and strong intent.   What is it about the ending of summer and the turning attention to the agriculture harvest that drives us to clean up, straighten up and look up?



Setting the house in order such as sweeping the sandy floors and washing the swim towels as well as organizing the mail piled in the corner it's as if there is a creative urge to turn us towards the places we have neglected during the summer and to organize and set right.  As the earth revolves around the sun so our bodies are pulled back and forth to the sun's warmth and we are pulled back into the home.  How we treat these times of introspection and setting the ship upright and be with nature is a positive message that we should spotlight. 

Even though the seasons are changing so that we have to put away the flip flops and take out the sweaters it is not a time to fret.  Using this time wisely, we can use this process to examine and plan to not overbuy, to decide what we really need and to be in control of the future.

Summer inevitably leaves us because we are on this big ball of rock and water:that continues to circle the sun leaving us at times farther away from the warmth.  We can be assured though that it will be back.  Just be patient.

What do you do to live in harmony, to respect nature and to fulfill your own desires?  


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