Trash is for Tossers by Lauren Singer

Zero Waste Alternatives: The Ultimate List.

While the journey towards Zero Waste is never ending, these alternatives will help any step of the way! All of these alternatives have been tried, tested, and approved by me! I would never post anything that I have not researched to the best of my ability and will constantly update this list with new alternatives! Please keep in mind that throwing out an old item for one of the items I have listed is not a good alternative. Use up old products, recycle, donate, give away or sell the rest! The purpose of Zero Waste is to prevent as much matter from heading to the landfill as possible!
The Waste Problem: Disposable Razors
Why:  Non-recyclable, expensive, wasteful
The Alternative: Safety Razor or laser hair removal (more money)
The Waste Problem: Plastic Toothbrush
Why:  Non-recyclable, wasteful
The Alternative: Bamboo compostable and sustainable toothbrushes 
The Waste Problem: Disposable Makeup Remover Wipes
Why:  They are wasteful, expensive, unnecessary, and often have toxic chemicals
The Alternative: Organic Coconut Oil and Reusable Cotton Rounds
The Waste Problem: Cotton Balls
Why:  Cotton is very pesticide and water intensive and they are not recyclable 
The Alternative: Reusable Cotton Rounds
The Waste Problem: Body Wash in Packaging
Why:  It is wasteful, not recyclable everywhere, and contains chemicals
The Alternative: Unwrapped Bulk Soap
The Waste Problem: Bleached toilet paper
Why:  Dangerous chemicals, non-recycled, wasteful 
The Alternative: Recycled Natural Unbleached Toilet Paper
The Waste Problem: Plastic Tampon Applicator and Non Organic Tampon
Why:  Conventional cotton is pesticide laden & I don't want plastic in my life, especially near my...
The Alternative: Menstrual cup such as Lunette cup
Everyday Essentials: 
The Waste Problem: Disposable Plastic Bags
Why:  Go straight to landfill, very infrequently recycled, wasteful
The Alternative: Organic Cotton Tote 
The Waste Problem: Plastic Water Bottles
Why: Not often recycled (less than 20%), end up in landfill, completely avoidable
The Alternative: Reusable water bottle
The Waste Problem: Plastic Straw
Why: End up in landfill, completely avoidable
The Alternative: Stainless Steel Straw
The Waste Problem: Wrapping Paper on Birthdays and Holidays
Why:  It goes straight to the landfill and is infrequently reused
The Alternative: Re-Use Newspaper and biodegradable twine from a hardware store

The Waste Problem: Individually portioned coffee and tea and disposable coffee filters
Why: They produce a lot of unnecessary waste, uses plastic, and are not recyclable 
The Alternative: A French Press - the coffee tastes better, easy to clean, no plastic, no waste!
The Waste Problem: Plastic Cutting Boards
Why:  You can not recycle them and it is said that these boards develop nicks which foster bacteria
The Alternative: Wooden Cutting Boards 

The Waste Problem: Plastic Utensils 
Why:  They can not be recycled and there is really no use for them
The Alternative: Stainless Steel Silverware 

The Waste Problem: Plastic Cooking Utensils 
Why:  They tend to melt and could leach toxins into your food
The Alternative: Bamboo utensils: are naturally antibacterial, absorb little moisture and regenerate fast
The Waste Problem: Plastic Ice Trays
Why:   Most likely not recyclable and could leach toxins
The Alternative: Stainless Steel Ice Tray

The Waste Problem: Conventional Dish Soap
Why:  They have a high concern for cancer, high levels of preservatives and other problems 
The Alternative: Bulk Castile Soap
The Waste Problem: Sponge
Why:  Not recyclable, compostable
The Alternative: Compostable and reusable dish brush 
The Waste Problem: Plastic Dish Dryers 
Why:  They can not be recycled 
The Alternative: Lay your dishes out on a reusable towel to dry

The Waste Problem: Plastic Tupperware
Why:  It poses possible toxicity risks and can leach chemicals into your food
The Alternative: Mason Jars
The Waste Problem: Nonstick Pan
Why:  A slew of health problems associated with nonstick coating
The Alternative: Cast Iron Pan

The Waste Problem: Paper Towels
Why:  Non-recyclable, wasteful
The Alternative: Reusable towels 

The Waste Problem: Dryer Sheets
Why:  Synthetic, non-recyclable, unnecessary
The Alternative: Organic Dryer Balls- cut drying time, prevent static 
The Waste Problem: A slew of cleaning products 
Why:  They contain chemicals and are unnecessary
The Alternative:White Vinegar used as a counter or mirror cleaner, presoak for laundry
The Waste Problem: Dry Cleaning
Why:  Environmentally Unfriendly, unregulated (yes even the "green" cleaning), global warming
The Alternative: Hand washing, steaming, ironing, and line drying

Top 5 reasons you're wrong about wearing workout clothes when you're not working out

When you're getting dressed for the day, I know how easy it is to put on workout clothes (even if you won't be working out). They're comfortable, they're easy to match, they're within reach, your favorite brand added new colors or designs, and maybe they feel like a good uniform for running around town all day...I get it. It's easy. But I'm not alone when I say: Please, stop.

Ladies, It’s time to stop wearing your LuLuLemon or other workout gear as everyday clothes. Here are five reasons why:

1)  YOU ARE A GROWN UP:  If you want to be treated like an adult, act like an adult. One who gets dressed for the day you want to have! If you aren't going to the gym, it's no longer acceptable to wear work out gear to lunch with friends, parent-teacher conferences and definitely not for shopping at the mall or the market. 

2)     IT'S HOT: In New England, the heat is upon us.  Why stay constricted when light and airy is the way to go Reach into that closet, throw on a fun summer skirt and a light shirt - or how about that fun sun dress you save for special occasions? Make TODAY the special occasion day!

3)     STYLES CHANGE: Styles change every couple of years, and the workout look is out. Take a look at your favorite fashion magazines.  What do you see that's exciting and fun? What's stopping you from styling yourself? 

4)     IT’’S INEXPENSIVE: Don't let the idea of dressing for the day intimidate you. Go shopping in your closet, and plan to update your accessories (at One Savvy Mother of course) and 1 key piece a season.  

5)    PUT YOURSELF FIRST: You know that woman you see at the market in a put-together outfit with her hair done and makeup on? Doesn't she make you stand up straighter? Do you respect her? You can be like her! Remember when putting on your clothes for the day made you feel strong and confident? When you used to like what your clothes said about you? Put yourself first tomorrow morning and put 5 measly minutes into putting yourself together before taking on the day. It will take 4 minutes longer than putting on stretchy pants and workout bra, but the effect will last all day.

Try it for a week.  You’ll not only feel better about yourself but you’ll look a hell of a lot better for it too.

Your Style, Our Vision

As I sit here contemplating what March 8, 2016 will bring to you, my focus invariably runs to the tops of the trees to shout “its springtime”. I declare that spring is the most overlooked and misunderstood season. People invariably want to jump into swimming & HOT weather so badly that spring is used as a springboard to what follows.