Are you looking at your closet knowing it’s the time of year for the dreaded closet clean-out?  What do you pack away? What do you get rid of?

Changing seasons can be hard on a closet. Fall is particularly troublesome; it’s too warm for winter clothes, too cool for summer clothes, and it often can't make up its mind where it’s heading.

If an item didn’t get much wear this year, it could make a great addition to someone else's closet. Women’s organizations are always happy to receive donations. These are useful to women entering the workplace, or juniors and seniors going to high school proms, among other situations.

With the holiday season upon us, it's the time for giving. So donate!

Donating is a quick way to avoid closet fatigue, and it makes you feel good, too. However, this is not always easy.  Only quality items end up being resold. Otherwise it may end up in a pile of clothes in Africa.  In the future strive to buy only what is needed most. 

And we haven’t even gotten to the most fun part yet. We’re saving that for last!






Pack away summer



Many summer items that you wore for cooler nights or in heavily air-conditioned workplaces can stay in your closet for now. If you haven’t worn an item much this year, or if the tags are still on it, you probably won’t miss it. Box it up and donate! 

Unpack last winter

 Now, you should have room in your closet to unpack some of your lighter-weight winter items. Good clothes made from natural materials usually transition easily from season to season. If your style has changed since you packed items away, don’t think about it, just donate these, too.


Now here’s the fun part. It’s time to add a few hand-crafted, earth-friendly replacement pieces that you’ll never tire of putting on.

Shop with a purpose

Your closet should express your style. Now's the time to be bold. Add some carefully crafted, earth-friendly pieces that will make a lasting statement.

Your wardrobe will love you when you add: a handmade, 100% natural baby Alpaca cape! Or maybe an organic textile scarf that goes with anything, and a whole collection of cool bags, all earth friendly.



Accessorizing is a great way to bring new life to existing clothing.

While we’re talking accessories, it’s not too early to look for jewelry to add to your holiday list. Maybe a pair of ball-drop gold earrings for a good friend or sister, and why not appreciate yourself with pair for you to enjoy, too!



With so many unique and beautiful items available from fantastic, ethical and eco-friendly designers, you're sure to find gifts for the special women in your life and plenty of things to rejuvenate a tired-looking closet.