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Our fashion accessories are ethically produced, and part of a movement transforming the way fashion accessories are made.  When you choose ONE SAVVY MOTHER you're making a positive difference and supporting the companies who are working to save Mother Earth's resources.


Lara Crawford, the founder of OSM, has a life-long passion for fashion. Her years of experience in the retail clothing industry, along with her own desire to have an enviable wardrobe that doesn’t unduly harm the environment, led her to the realization that there was nowhere for consumers seeking an eco-friendly shopping experience to turn.  Enviro-conscious styles are often “crunchy” and ill-suited to a stylish woman’s life-style, and many of the trendiest retailers have not yet made significant strides in “greening’ their operations. Lara created One Savvy Mother to finally offer consumers the option of shopping stylishly and sustainably.