Holiday Gift giving

Hello!  Welcome! Our collection of incredibly chic accessory brands that also happen to be:

Vegan, Organic Cotton, upcycled, earth friendly

Well look no further.  Our products are all ranked for sustainability, materials & fair & ethical treatment of animals and humans.  And current, stylish & leaving you looking and feeling good. 

Tip #1:  Don't over-theme the holiday.  Most wrapping paper is not recyclable so instead go for the DYI touch that can be recycled. One of my favorite ways to add an eco-friendly touch to my holiday gifts is by wrapping them in newspaper or kraft paper and then tying them off with brightly colored ribbon.

own your style. love the earth


Cork bracelet. This versatile cork bracelet from US. based House of Cork  is simple and elegant looking.  The look quickly becomes adopted as everyone's favorite. 
                                                                                             Spun and knitted in Peru Emilime's alpaca collection is sustainable and ethical. Alpacas normally roam free, except their yearly shearing, and have a low impact on their habitat. The yarn is also hypoallergenic because it doesn’t contain lanolin, present in wool. Trendy colors and shapes stay warm in style. 
Katie Mawson's incredible knit comes from experience and skill.  Katie only uses baby lambs wool which is very soft like cashmere but strong like wool.  Her hands-on approach and passion for designer knitwear fashion, as well as  attention to detail, and commitment to knitwear quality make her designs are collectible and wearable. 


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