European Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark

One Savvy Mother has partnered with Positive Luxury, the company behind the first of its kind interactive trust mark – The Butterfly Mark. The Butterfly Mark is awarded to luxury brands who take pride in their design & manufacturing whilst caring for their employees and suppliers, working hard to protect our planet’s people and resources.

People are at the heart of what we do. As a leading retailer, we inspire people, brands and customers to do better by respecting our planet.

Our objective as a business is to showcase and curate a selection of high-quality, luxury brands that inspire people to buy better. We understand that environmental responsibility and social commitment will help us build a more resilient business for the future. By working with our team members, brands, and customers, we can continue to do more with less.

At One Savvy Mother, we are pushing the boundaries to promote best practice and champion new brands with a sustainable focus. One Savvy Mother is proud to feature the following Butterfly Mark collections: Palomino Jewelry

With the help of an experienced sustainability council and external institutional partners, Positive Luxury has designed a robust assessment process that evaluates luxury brands across the following five areas: social framework, environmental framework, philanthropy and innovation. This Mark allows for instant recognition of brands that actively contribute to protect our planet, promoting positive purchasing decisions.

As a Responsible Retailer that cares, we have placed the Butterfly Mark next to the products of brands that are happy to share how they are minimizing their environmental footprint while maximizing their social good. You can find an explanation about the Butterfly Mark and Positive Luxury under About Us / Responsible Retail, for further information.

As Responsible Retailers, we are proud to partner with Positive Luxury and support the communication of other innovative responsible brands who have been awarded the Butterfly Mark in recognition for their excellence in social and environmental sustainability.

We believe that having the Butterfly Mark displayed throughout our marketing materials will deliver a complete shopping experience that helps consumers make a positive difference to society.