Leather Choker 15"
  • Leather Choker 15"
  • Leather Choker 15"


In anticipation of the 1990s fashion revival Katie started experimenting with chokers styles, from Victorian-chic to a more punk look. This one, made of leather was painted and then wiped, falls somewhere in between those two looks. 


Earning the prestigious European Butterfly Mark  by Positive Luxury, Palomino Jewelry is the creation of Kathryn Fuller.  Hand crafted and artistically created Katie brings new life to old materials. Though she lives in Brooklyn, much of Katie's childhood was spent outdoors and with animals. These experiences are the current of joy that run through her still. Her jewelry is in response to and inspired by the simplicity and perfection of nature.

Environmental Rank

Rank 3 - Handmade  Responsible Production Recycled/ Reused Material


Reclaimed leather

15" adjustable

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For more information about the Butterfly Mark see: Positive Luxury


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